Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2 month appt

Ethan had his 2 month appt today:
Weight= 14 pounds (77th percentile)
Length= 23.5 inches (87th percentile)
Head size = 66th percentile.
He received three shots and an oral vaccination - he screamed and cried but I was able to hold up a little bit better than with Evie's first shots!
I go back to work in a week and a half - this is going to be very difficult!  He just seems to small and vulnerable to be without me all of the time.  Brian told me I could stay home but I have to figure out how to make 20,000 a year, while watching my two children.  My only feasible option seems to be watching other children but I am not sure that is the best option for me - I am not a big fan of babysitting or sitting at home all day.  I guess I will just have to suck it up and deal with going back to work full time for now.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ethan's Arrival

Ethan Jacob VanScoy was born on November 8, 2012 at 10:13PM at Bellevue Hospital in Niskayuna NY.  He weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and was 20 inches long.  I went into labor around 2 in the afternoon (right after working my last day before Maternity leave began)  - I took a nap and woke up with contractions - Brian came home at 5:30 with Evie and the contractions were 5 min apart but I didn't want to believe I was really in labor so I waited - took a shower, got Evie cleaned up and ready for bed and then Brian decided to have his Mom pick Evie up for the night.  Evie left at 7:30 and we decided to go to the hospital because the contractions were 3 min apart.  When we arrived I was 5/6 centimeters and started getting set up for an epidural - by the time that was administered an hour later I was 9 centimeters and it didn't really work on the contractions, which were overwhelmingly painful!  Luckily, the epidural did numb my pelvis so I did not feel Ethan actually being born.  We pushed for 15 minutes and Ethan entered the world.  It went so quick that when we arrived the Goonies had just started - when it was over the Goonies was still on! 
We spent two nights in the hospital and came home Saturday morning.  The hospital wasn't too bad but I had to send Brian home the first night because he had a cold and wouldn't stop coughing and then I got a room mate the second night and the room was way too small for both of us.  Ethan roomed in with me and only left to get checked by the Dr and for 2 hours on the second night so my roommate and I could get some sleep. 
Ethan is doing great breastfeeding - this is a much different experience then with Evie!  He eats every 3 hours - once in a while cluster feeding at night or in the morning.  He is sleeping great because he is full and content and when he is not sleeping, eating or pooping - he just lays in he bassinet or in the bouncy chair watching the world go by.  I can't believe what a difference he is from Evie.  He does have a terrible diaper rash on his bum - we are using triple AF paste but if anyone has any other remedies please let me know - he poops so much that his bum is just raw. 
I am doing well - a few PPD issues - I can't sleep without medicine so there is no napping for me but I am able to sleep with the aide of Ambien at night in between feedings.  I think I am just overwhelmed with being the one and only person able to feed this little monster - I hope this tapers off as we get more comfortable with our roles. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

When will Ethan Arrive?

So, the bets have been placed and everyone's input has been heard- When will Ethan Arrive - No one seems to agree- surprise, surprise!  Waiting for a baby to be born happens to be a very hard thing to endure, the anticipation and excitement is overwhelming while the fear is suffocating.  I was very fortunate with Evie - she showed up a week early, I went on maternity leave on a Friday- went into labor during the weeknd and delivered her on Monday night (easy, peasy)!  Tomorrow I am 39 weeks pregnant with Ethan and I went to the Doctor's this morning, I am 2 centimeters dilated, I have been having braxton hicks contractions for a month now (regular and irregular) - I had an ultrasound and my fluid is good, Ethan is healthy and weighing in around 7.3 pounds.
I will be starting my maternity leave on Friday - I called in sick today and will work 6 hours a day Tuesday, Wed and Thursday.  I found it to be more difficult to keep up this pregnancy - Evie has a lot of energy and wears me out.  She also does not sleep by herself all night long - she will fall asleep around 8 and sleep in her bed until 2 and then call for Brian and I (we take turns so one of us gets a good night rest). 
So, only time will tell when Ethan will arrive but I am fairly sure it will be before Sunday:)

Friday, August 17, 2012

28 Weeks = 3 Trimester

Yeah - we have entered our 28th week of pregnancy, which means I am in the 3rd and final trimester of this pregnancy.  Everything is going really good - our little monster is healthy and moving around like a fish.  I feel him moving constantly and he is so strong - it actually hurts sometimes but I love every movement - it is as if he is proving to me that everything is good in there.
I have gained 15 pounds and seem to be all belly -I constantly getting comments on how huge my belly has gotten and I have to agree- I am already outgrowing clothes that fit me at the end of Evie's pregnancy.
We have finally picked a name out - Ethan Jacob VanScoy!!  So excited to have a name for this little boy - I am sick of calling him "the baby" or "it" or "the little boy".

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Rex Jr" at 20 weeks

 Our Baby Boy's penis:)
 His Feet

 His lips as if he is blowing us a kiss!!

It seems as if he is looking at us in this pic!

We are so excited to share our little boy - this is def going to be a new adventure compared to Evie.  I am very nervouse about dealing with a penis but other than that I am pretty confident that this will go much easier than Evie's birth because I know what to expect.  I have decided to nickname him "Rex Jr" because I feel a disconnect due to a lack of name.  We always knew what Evie would be called and I even picked out a girl's name (Addison Grace) but we can't settle on a boy's name.  Any suggestions?  This pregnancy is going so fast and so well- his movements are a bit more lazier than evie but when he gets going I actually get a little naseous. 
Now, I need some help on a serious problem that most of you will understand - 2 year old temper tantrums!!  Evie has been awful for the last couple of days and has actually had hour long temper tantrums- throwing herself on the floor and screaming and crying until bed time.  I dont know how much more I can take.  We attempted to ignore her the first night and then spoke gently to her the following night - nothing worked.  Any suggestions as to how you guys handle this crap would be awesome. 

"Rex Jr" at 11 Weeks

Above our pics from our 11 week ultrasound that I forgot to share because I wasn't ready to announce our little bundle of joy at the time:) 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's a BOY!!

Our second little monster is a boy!  We went for the ultrasound today, which was awesome and found that the baby is healthy and growing right on target for the due date of November 13th.  We went and picked out a couple of outfits to get geared up for the arrival of a boy.  Overall my pregnancy is going well with an occasional moment of overwhelming pelvic pain because I was so out of shape when I got pregnant.  The baby is kicking up a storm in there, which is still amazing - I  forgot how great it was to feel a baby moving.  I have only gained 6 pounds since my 7th week of pregnancy - Brian and I both think the scale is broken - I feel like I have gained 20 pounds and my belly is really big for 20 weeks! 
I will post pics of our beautiful baby boy in the next update:)